Emergency Services

Do you have a roof project we can help with?

Emergency Services

We are proud to offer our 24-hour roof repair response program. Anytime, day or night, call our live helpdesk for immediate assistance (832)936-1888

24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair

Our entire team is notified of your emergency via email and cell phone. We are able to help diagnose the problem over the phone and dispatch a roofing repair crew. Service vehicles are pre-loaded with materials used for any type of roof system.

24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair Response Program Perks:

* Live 24 hours Help Desk
* Fully equipped service vehicles for any type of roof system.
* Expert Services to help stop the leak first, then help with interior cleanup.
* Fully documented with digital photos, thermal images and registration listings to help you
* File a claim with your insurance company.
* Prevent interior damage.